Canycom Samurai Brushcutter

We have just received a testimonial from Mr T Jaine at Allaleigh, Blackawton, Devon on his new Canycom Samurai Brushcutter, he has some very challenging slopes and is loving his new machine, his testimonial reads:

The Samurai brushcutter lives up to its expectations. We have several acres of challenging terrain in Devon, very steep and well rutted from decades of cattle, much of it buried beneath bramble, nettles and bracken. The Samurai seems capable of beating this into submission without demur. More importantly, it has proved capable of going up and down the steepest and roughest of slopes, cutting as it goes, thanks to the four wheel drive and, most usefully, the diff. lock facility. When caught in an apparently critical situation, all that needs be done is to engage reverse drive, diff. lock and 4-wheel drive and escape is possible. Its ability to move laterally across slopes is also impressive, although I find that one slips out of the driving seat long before the critical tipping-point is achieved. Most of my work has been done by going up and down rather than across the terrain. If the cutter is set on its highest position, then most stones, etc. that might damage it are avoided. So far at least, the mechanics of the engine, controls, etc., etc. have proved robust and simple to understand. The hydrostatic gearing is an especial boon.

Tom Jaine, Allaleigh, 28 August 2017

Teagle Tomahawk Bale Shredders in stock

Our initial stock of Teagle Tomahawk bale shredders for the 2017/18 season has arrived current stock includes the mounted 7100 and trailed 8100 and Chief 8500 models.

The Teagle Tomahawk bale shredders are the market leaders chosen by many for their ease of use, reliability and efficiency, demonstrations can be arranged, part exchanges welcomed and great deals available.  0% finance is available.

Contact us today for more information or visit our webpage for more information click here

LM Batemand & Co

We now hold in stock a very large range of LM Bateman products.

We have a large range of gates in stock include the Ashcombe, Centry and Cattleyard gates in various sizes and in large quantities along with hanging and slam posts.

A large selection and quantity of livestock feeding and handling equipment is also held in stock.

We stock four different cattle crushes with prices starting at £1,175+Vat for the Empire crush and then going up for the NEW Hybrid Crush, the Devon Clipping and Ambassador Squeeze crush.

See the Bateman brochure for more information on all product options click here


Canycom Brushcutter

We are agents for the Canycom Samurai Brushcutters and stock machines, I have just added this product to our website take a look at what this machine will do its quite incredible.

Manufactured in Japan this brush cutter has been designed and manufactured with unique engineering and physics to give a machine which can perform in conditions that most other machines of this type can not.  The unique shaft drive delivers 100% of the engine power to the ‘Samurai Sword’ metal cutting blades which means the Canycom can cut taller and thicker vegetation compared to normal belt driven machines.

Have a look at our  Brush cutter web page for more information or give us a call to discuss or arrange a demonstration

Cheval Liberte Trailers

We have now started stocking the Cheval Liberte diagonal horse trailers including the Minimax three horse trailer and the XL Diagonal two horse trailer to compliment the existing Gold Touring trailers.

The unique herringbone transporting trailers allow for the horses/ponies to be transported in the trailer standing on the diagonal giving a safer and comfortable ride.

The Cheval Liberte trailers are all on the Pullman V2 Suspension system which gives a smooth ride and lighter unladen weight than many of the other brands.  With anodised aluminium floor and walls as well as a sealed rubber floor matting and kick boards the trailers are extremely well made and designed to give many years of service.  The interior of the trailers are light and airy and the exterior very modern creating a trailer which is sure to give your friends trailer envy at any event.

To view the line up or discuss the trailers and options please give Louise a call 01548 521429 or email

Harry West Grain Trailers

We have just supplied our first Harry West grain trailer and will this week receive stock trailers.

These trailers are built for strength and reliability and are available in 10T to 16T sizes.

Contact us for a quote a now and you could have your new grain trailer in time for harvest.

Vicon Forage Equipment – Offer

We have got the following new Vicon mowers and tedders available from stock and ready to go on special out of season deals (one only of each), contact us for prices:


524 – 5.2 metre working width, 4 rotor £3,900+Vat (very special price)

764 – 7.6 metre working width, 6 rotor

Disc Mower

336 – 3.6metre Disc Mower

632 – 3.2metre Disc Mower with Conditioner

Cousins Swiftine Harrow

Meet the NEW product, its the ‘Cousins Swiftine Harrow’.

This Cousins Swiftine Harrow has been manufactured to provide the ultimate One Pass machine for the South West, built for maximum strength, easy mat height adjustment, adjustable levelling bars, steering headstock, straight tines, a very positive transport hydraulic locking system, and LED lights as standard. This machine is available in 4m, 5m and 6m sizes.

We are the Devon and Cornwall sole distributors and will have the 5 metre machine on display at the Royal Cornwall Show, visit our stand number 485 to view and for more information. Royal Cornwall Show

Devon County Show

Last Thursday to Saturday we exhibited at the Devon County Show at Westpoint Exeter, this was our ninth year of exhibiting at this show and we as always had a packed stand with many types of product, from several different manufacturers including trailers, tractors, quad bikes, UTV’s, buggies, machinery (both small and large), brush cutters and livestock handling equipment.

The weather was pretty good and despite some very sharp and heavy showers  the visitors weren’t deterred and we met many new faces along with seeing several regular customers through out the 3 days.

The next show we will be exhibiting at will be the Royal Cornwall Show on the 8th to 10th June at Wadebridge where you will find us near the South entrance on stand 485.

Quadzilla Tracker 500 Buggy

We have just retailed our first two Quadzilla Tracker buggies, these petrol UTV’s are fully road legal and very well built with comfy driving position and seat and a very useful sized tipping butt and front winch.  They drive like a car and are a good solution for moving items around on small holdings and for going to the beach!!

The tracker has selectable 2/4 wd and diff lock, power steering, tow hitch and 7 pin electric hook up,

The Tracker buggy is available in a 500cc and 800cc model, the 500cc model starts at £7,299inc VAT.