Emailing News and Offers

We have just done our first email giving a ‘News’ update, going forward we are going to be giving regular updates and offers via email, if you would like to be part of our mail list and keep up to date with special offers and happenings please add your details by ‘SUBSCRIBING’ at the bottom of our home page.

Our company is continually growing with lots of exciting new products and the best way to keep up to date with what we offer is to be part of our subscribers list!!

Parts online

We now have an online parts shop powered by Kramp.

If you visit our parts page you will find the login to access our online parts shop along with demo login details, use these details and you will be able to view the extensive amount of spares and parts on offer.  We are able to setup an account for you on our parts shop which will allow you to search and find any spares you require along with their price and add them to your basket to be delivered next day direct to you for a small fee or free of charge to ourselves.

For further information please contact either Hilary or Louise on 01548 521429

New- Agents for Maschio

We are now agents for Maschio and are able to offer the full range of equipment including their range of rotavators, power harrows, drill, ploughs, hedge cutters and flails.

Stock machines will be arriving soon.

NEW- Agents for Tobroco Giant

We are now agents for Tobroco Giant UK.

At the end of last week we visited Tobroco Giant in their state of the art factory in Oisterwijk, Holland. We were able to fully appreciate the quality and range of the products as well as carry out test driving.

The portfolio of currently 36 models include stand on skid steer loaders, pivot steer wheel loaders, telescopic wheel loaders and compact telehandlers. The majority of these machines have Kubota or Deutz engines

There are many model options and specifications to choose from giving the ultimate loader for any purpose including equestrian, horticultural, forestry and agricultural tasks.

An extensive range of attachments are also available to aid any task from your standard buckets and pallet forks through to bale grabs, sweepers, saw dust dispensers, grapples, horse manure vacuums and yard scrappers the list is endless.

Our stock of these machines will be arriving soon

For more information or a demo please contact us.

Special Offer on Debon Tipping Trailers

Debon tipping trailers from stock only including
PW0 Lux – 1.5Ton single axles tipper £1975+Vat (normally £2050+Vat)
PW2.2 – 2.6T twin axle three way tipper £2,500+Vat (normally £2,700+Vat)

Ladder rack as standard, aluminium ramps, mesh sides available as extras.

Aluminum floor, electric tip, good strong light weight trailers.

(Subject to availability – December 2017 only)

Quadzilla Christmas Presents

We have Quadzilla kids quads and buggies in stock ready for Christmas presents.

The Quadzilla buggies and quads make lovely Christmas presents and judging on the faces of the children who saw them on our stand at the shows this year there are lots of kiddies with one of these on their list.

Options include:

Mini Bug suitable for smaller children, fitted with three point seatbelt £999inc VAT

Wolf XL suitable for bigger children again fitted with three point seatbelt £1,500inc VAT

R100 quad bike £1,500inc VAT

Various colours available



Canycom Samurai Brushcutter

We have just received a testimonial from Mr T Jaine at Allaleigh, Blackawton, Devon on his new Canycom Samurai Brushcutter, he has some very challenging slopes and is loving his new machine, his testimonial reads:

The Samurai brushcutter lives up to its expectations. We have several acres of challenging terrain in Devon, very steep and well rutted from decades of cattle, much of it buried beneath bramble, nettles and bracken. The Samurai seems capable of beating this into submission without demur. More importantly, it has proved capable of going up and down the steepest and roughest of slopes, cutting as it goes, thanks to the four wheel drive and, most usefully, the diff. lock facility. When caught in an apparently critical situation, all that needs be done is to engage reverse drive, diff. lock and 4-wheel drive and escape is possible. Its ability to move laterally across slopes is also impressive, although I find that one slips out of the driving seat long before the critical tipping-point is achieved. Most of my work has been done by going up and down rather than across the terrain. If the cutter is set on its highest position, then most stones, etc. that might damage it are avoided. So far at least, the mechanics of the engine, controls, etc., etc. have proved robust and simple to understand. The hydrostatic gearing is an especial boon.

Tom Jaine, Allaleigh, 28 August 2017

Teagle Tomahawk Bale Shredders in stock

Our initial stock of Teagle Tomahawk bale shredders for the 2017/18 season has arrived current stock includes the mounted 7100 and trailed 8100 and Chief 8500 models.

The Teagle Tomahawk bale shredders are the market leaders chosen by many for their ease of use, reliability and efficiency, demonstrations can be arranged, part exchanges welcomed and great deals available.  0% finance is available.

Contact us today for more information or visit our webpage for more information click here

LM Bateman & Co

We now hold in stock a very large range of LM Bateman products.

We have a large range of gates in stock include the Ashcombe, Centry and Cattleyard gates in various sizes and in large quantities along with hanging and slam posts.

A large selection and quantity of livestock feeding and handling equipment is also held in stock.

We stock four different cattle crushes with prices starting at £1,175+Vat for the Empire crush and then going up for the NEW Hybrid Crush, the Devon Clipping and Ambassador Squeeze crush.

See the Bateman brochure for more information on all product options click here