Canycom Brushcutter

We are agents for the Canycom Samurai Brushcutters and stock machines, I have just added this product to our website take a look at what this machine will do its quite incredible.

Manufactured in Japan this brush cutter has been designed and manufactured with unique engineering and physics to give a machine which can perform in conditions that most other machines of this type can not.  The unique shaft drive delivers 100{3b3e24820306227d90bf02a3f4ec24114dde86d6f95a9cbb7b587c2fbe924ce4} of the engine power to the ‘Samurai Sword’ metal cutting blades which means the Canycom can cut taller and thicker vegetation compared to normal belt driven machines.

Have a look at our  Brush cutter web page for more information or give us a call to discuss or arrange a demonstration