Canycom Samurai Brushcutter

We have just received a testimonial from Mr T Jaine at Allaleigh, Blackawton, Devon on his new Canycom Samurai Brushcutter, he has some very challenging slopes and is loving his new machine, his testimonial reads:

The Samurai brushcutter lives up to its expectations. We have several acres of challenging terrain in Devon, very steep and well rutted from decades of cattle, much of it buried beneath bramble, nettles and bracken. The Samurai seems capable of beating this into submission without demur. More importantly, it has proved capable of going up and down the steepest and roughest of slopes, cutting as it goes, thanks to the four wheel drive and, most usefully, the diff. lock facility. When caught in an apparently critical situation, all that needs be done is to engage reverse drive, diff. lock and 4-wheel drive and escape is possible. Its ability to move laterally across slopes is also impressive, although I find that one slips out of the driving seat long before the critical tipping-point is achieved. Most of my work has been done by going up and down rather than across the terrain. If the cutter is set on its highest position, then most stones, etc. that might damage it are avoided. So far at least, the mechanics of the engine, controls, etc., etc. have proved robust and simple to understand. The hydrostatic gearing is an especial boon.

Tom Jaine, Allaleigh, 28 August 2017