Cheval Liberte Horse Trailers

We are currently loving Cheval Liberte’s horse trailers! With an optional saddle room and a large front unloading ramp these horse trailers are very stylish and competitvely priced.

The trailers have just arrived into stock again and have been designed to provide high levels of comfort and safety for the horses being transported and safe and effortless towing and handling qualities for the trailer users.

Cheval’s Gold Touring Country horse trailer has Pullman 2 suspension low-profile chassis which allows for more comfortable towing and reduces the height by 100mm. It also has anodised aluminium side walls, full height grooms door and ramps for strength and longevity, the floor is aluminium planking with a sealed gripped rubber matting. The central partition includes a removable blanking screen to allow for blocked visibility for horses which don’t travel well together.

The  Saddle Room with Sandwich Panels is a great feature as it comes complete with Saddle Brackets, Bridle Hooks, Top Storage Rack and a Removable Floor Tray.

Within the Gold Touring the aluminium side walls, floor and partition come with 5 years warranty.

Cheval Liberte have a wide selection of horse trailers available and all have different specifications. The Minimax is a larger herringbone trailer designed to transport upto three horses or ponies. The unique trailer has adjustable partitions which slide on tracks to vary the width and to allow opening to load and safe transportation.  This trailer also comes on the unique Pullman V2 suspension system.

With any enquiries and to discuss these trailers contact Louise on 01548 521429 or email


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