Cheval Liberte Trailers

We have now started stocking the Cheval Liberte diagonal horse trailers including the Minimax three horse trailer and the XL Diagonal two horse trailer to compliment the existing Gold Touring trailers.

The unique herringbone transporting trailers allow for the horses/ponies to be transported in the trailer standing on the diagonal giving a safer and comfortable ride.

The Cheval Liberte trailers are all on the Pullman V2 Suspension system which gives a smooth ride and lighter unladen weight than many of the other brands.  With anodised aluminium floor and walls as well as a sealed rubber floor matting and kick boards the trailers are extremely well made and designed to give many years of service.  The interior of the trailers are light and airy and the exterior very modern creating a trailer which is sure to give your friends trailer envy at any event.

To view the line up or discuss the trailers and options please give Louise a call 01548 521429 or email