JFC Agri 170L Milk Kart and get a FREE 10 Teat Feeder


JFC Agri are offering a free 10 Teat Feeder when you purchase a new 170L Milk Kart (also available as an ATV towable 340L model)

The main features of the 170L Milk Kart are as follows:

  • The Milk Kart will mix 20kgs of milk powder in just four minutes.
  • Vortex mixer provides a smooth mix therefore reducing separation of nutrients and foaming of milk.
  • Silent Pump  will dispense up to 7500L per charge at a rate of 36L per minute.
  • Flow meter fitted to ensure accurate measurements of the milk to each calf.

This Milk Kart can dramatically reduce the length of time taken to feed calves.

Please contact us for price and more information.