JFC Stockists

We are now stockists of JFC which means we can supply you with the full range of their products.

We can offer drink bowls, water troughs, ATV tipping trailers and tipping wheelbarrows which are all available in various sizes.

In stock we have a variety of JFC Drink Bowls and Water Troughs. Ranging from the 4L Micro Drink Bowl, 2L Nose Fill Drink Bowl, Conventional Drink Bowl, 30 & 90 Gal Double Reservoir Fast-Fill, 10 Gal Single Reservoir, 22 40 & 62 Gal Double Reservoir there is something to meet your requirement.

The ATV tipping trailers available in two different sizes; 250 and 400Litres. The trailers are tough & the durable polyethylene body is mounted on to a galvanised metal frame and with a strong hinge point it allows for tipping of loads.

For those equine customers we also have tipping wheelbarrows in stock. The innovative tipping mechanism ensures minimum effort is required to transport and tip heavy, bulky loads. A large capacity also makes it ideal for efficiently cleaning out straw from sheds or stables.

*Products can be available from stock or within a few working days depending on availability.*